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PhD theses

Raquel Nogueira Avelar e Silva ‘Predictors and Outcomes of Adolescents’ Sexual and Reproductive Health: An Ecological Approach
2018 26 June More on RePub
Guannan Bai Health-Related Quality of Life of Mothers and Children
2018 20 December More on RePub
David Blok Introducing Systems Approaches in Health Behavioral Research
2018 5 June More on RePub
Erik Blom Lung Cancer Screening: The interplay of early detection, treatment, and quality of life in the United States
2020 15 October More on RePub
Navin Boeddha Pediatric Sepsis: Determinants of outcome
2018 13 November More on RePub
Amanda Bos Real-world Aspects of Colorectal Cancer Survival in the Netherlands
2018 16 May More on RePub
Arianne Brinkman-Stoppelenburg Hospital Palliative Care Team Consultations For Patients With Advanced Cancer: Too few, too late
2018 20 November More on RePub
Jeroen van den Broek Public Health Benefits and Harms of Breast Cancer Screening: Microsimulation informing screening recommendations
2019 17 September More on RePub
Simone Dijkland Prediction and Outcome Analyses in Acute Neurological Diseases.
2020 15 January More on RePub
Özcan Erdem Neighbourhood Structural and Social Factors and Mental Health
2019 10 April More on RePub
Abby Falla Towards the elimination of chronic viral hepatitis in Europe: prevalence, risk groups and screening strategies
2018 20 April More on RePub
Kelly Foks Acute Management of Minor Head Injury
2019 18 December More on RePub
Carmen Franse Healthy ageing in Europe: Variation and promotion among older persons
2019 9 April More on RePub
Ahmad Fuady Tuberculosis-related Catastrophic Cost Since the Implementation of Universal Health Coverage in Indonesia
2020 9 June More on RePub
Eric Geijteman Decisions about medical treatment in the last phase of life : Withholding and withdrawing medication and other interventions
2018 12 December More on RePub
Andrea Gini Microsimulation Models to Inform Colorectal Cancer Screening Decisions: From validated tools to tailoring recommendations
2020 3 July More on RePub
Karen van Hedel Explaining the US Health Disadvantage: The role of social inequalities
2019 2 October More on RePub
Else-Mariëtte van Heijningen Colorectal Cancer Prevention : Surveillance of adenoma patients –towards more efficient guidelines
2019 19 December More on RePub
Lea Jabbarian Well-Being and Preferences of Patients Near the End of Life: Towards better care through better communication
2019 12 June More on RePub
Marina Karanikolos The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Population Health and Health Systems
2018 21 November More on RePub
Marijn Koëter The influence of Treatment Decisions on the Outcome of Esophageal Cancer
2018 29 June More on RePub
Nikki van Leeuwen Design and Analysis of Randomized and Non-randomized Studies: Improving Validity and Reliability
2019 11 September More on RePub
Edeltraud Lenk Diseases of the Poor: the Socioeconomic Impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases
2019 29 December More on RePub
Ineke Lokker Acknowledging Different Perspectives: Burden and management of symptoms in the last phase of life
2018 30 October More on RePub
Miriam van der Meulen Improving the Performance and Efficiency of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme in the Netherlands
2020 24 June More on RePub
Leonie de Munter Outcome Prediction for Improvement of Trauma Care
2020 29 September More on RePub
Eline Noels Organisation of Skin Cancer Care Revisited
2019 12 November More on RePub
Adi Nugroho Behavioral HIV-prevention Interventions for Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender Women in Indonesia
2019 20 March More on RePub
Branko Olij The Impact and Prevention of Fall-Related Injuries among Older Adults
2019 8 October More on RePub
Amir Omidvari Screening for and surveillance of Barrett’s esophagus: a cost-effectiveness assessment
2020 25 November More on RePub
Joost Oude Groeniger Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health: A Life-Course Perspective on Social Stratification, Cultural Capital and Health-Related Behaviors
2019 9 January More on RePub
Anouk Overbeek Advance Care Planning In Frail Older People In The Netherlands
2019 3 April More on RePub
Margreet Putten, van Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer; optimising care and outcomes in changing clinical practice
2018 25 May More on RePub
Epke Le Rutte Visceral Leishmaniasis : Potential for Control and Elimination
2018 10 January More on RePub
Valerie Sankatsing Quantifying and improving outcomes of breast cancer screening. Evaluation and long-term model predictions.
Wendy Shields Prevention of Home Injuries: A Public Health Approach
2019 4 September More on RePub
Inge Spronk The Burden of Burn Injuries
2020 22 April More on RePub
Rik Stoevelaar Self-Management and Advance Care Planning at the End of Life
2021 9 February More on RePub
Corien Swaan Timeliness of infectious disease notification & response systems
2019 19 December More on RePub
Anuj Tiwari Leprosy Post-Exposure Prophylaxis with Single-dose Rifampicin. Health economic aspects in India
2020 9 September More on RePub
Suzanne van den Toren Promoting physical, mental, and social well-being of adolescent and young adults
2021 16 February More on RePub
Esmee Venema Endovascular Treatment of Ischemic Stroke | Treat the right patients, at the right time, in the right place
2020 30 September More on RePub
Soraya Verstraeten Population Health in the Dutch Caribbean: A comparative study of political context and health policy performance
2020 8 April More on RePub
Victor Volovici Traumatic Brain Injury: Evidence, Guidelines and Treatment Variation
2019 3 December More on RePub
Daphne Voormolen Outcome following Traumatic Brain Injury – Assessment and Preferences
2020 13 October More on RePub
Lu Wang Growth, Overweight, and Related Health behaviors in Childhood
2019 8 October More on RePub
Veerle van de Wetering In het aangezicht van de dood
2020 12 November More on RePub
Junwen Yang Social Inequalities in Children’s Lifestyle Behaviors and Health Outcomes
2020 1 December More on RePub
Uraujh Yousaf-Khan The NELSON Lung Cancer Screening Trial: Final screening round and follow up
2018 27 June More on RePub
Xuxi Zhang Healthy Ageing: Health Promotion for People with Frailty and Chronic Conditions
2020 24 September More on RePub

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