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Publications and PhD theses


During 2013-2018 we published between 397 and 477 papers each year, 103 to 140 of which included first authorships.

From 2010 onwards, we implemented a research policy whereby (i) quality is preferred over quantity, (ii) a full-time researcher is expected to publish one paper per year as first author, and (iii) a PhD thesis typically consists of five to six publications with at least four first authorships (based on a four-year appointment as a PhD student). The quality of our publications is reflected in >40% in first decile IF journals, and >80% in first quartile IF journals. Our overall productivity requirement is met with well over 100 first authorships per year, with slightly less than 100 FTE.


PhD theses

Between 2013 and 2018 in total 106 PhD theses were completed, the highest number of any Erasmus MC department. Three of these theses were cum laude.

Based on a four-year appointment as a PhD student, our policy for a PhD thesis is to have five to six publications with at least four first authorships.

Our internal requirements for a PhD thesis are well above the Erasmus MC guidelines of four publications (two with first authorship, two first quartile). Our PhD requirements are a fair reflection of the opportunities and support that we offer to PhD students, such as (i) regular seminars on writing interesting papers and the editorial policies of scientific journals, (ii) writing classes in which junior researchers are supervised in the nitty gritty details of writing a good paper, and (iii) supervision by senior researchers with excellent scientific track records, who themselves still publish papers as first author almost each year (‘practice what you preach’).