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Societal impact

Creating societal impact is at the heart of our activities. We undertake a large variety of activities to ensure that our knowledge and expertise contributes to better prevention and screening, and improved quality of health care. Our activities are guided by two principles:

Use of relevant products by society

  • toolbox inter-professional collaboration, developed for Federation of Netherlands University
    Medical Centers (NFU). See http://www.nfukwaliteit.nl/producten/toolbox-leren-interprofessioneel-samenwerken 
  • MISCAN webtool: miscan.eu-topia.org
  • online calculator for cost-effectiveness of fall prevention programmes (ism VeiligheidNL en Vilans)
  • Apps: Treatment decisions for acute ischemic stroke patients. https://mrclean-trial.org/mr-predicts.html; emergency care.

Products relevant to society

  • national guidelines developed under our leadership: prevention of lifting 2013 (Burdorf), work as medicine 2018, breast cancer screening, and coloscopy surveillance 
  • US Preventive Services Task Force National Guidelines for cancer screening (breast, lung, colon)
  • international guidelines with leadership from our department: Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of leprosy World Health Organization 2018