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Youth health care

Our research supports healthy growth and development of all children. We also apply the pro-active, preventive public health approach with a combination of health and social care to other vulnerable groups such as citizens with multiple chronic conditions and frailty.  

Worldwide, socioeconomic inequalities in health and health care exist. We focus on the mechanisms that cause health inequalities among families with children, older people, and other vulnerable groups in the Netherlands, Europe and other countries.

We collaborate in the Generation R birth cohort and the INRICH network to study the mechanisms that play a role regarding health inequalities. Our focus is on the promotion of healthy lifestyles obesity prevention, determinants of health-related quality of life, and the evaluation of integrated, value-based health & social care.

Together with professionals, policymakers and individuals we develop, implement and evaluate preventive programmes and policies. For example, in the project Promising Neighbourhoods, together with partners, health inequalities are targeted by a broad community program for a promising, safe, and healthy development of youth. At the national level we lead a consortium integrating knowledge on effectiveness of interventions that promote parenting; we identify the ‘effective elements’ of parenting interventions (CIKEO).

Within the context of the overloaded healthcare and welfare systems, the ability of individuals to take care of themselves has become increasingly important. Therefore, we apply knowledge from child public health in various programmes supporting active and healthy ageing. In the SEFAC-project, the aim is to reduce the burden of individuals with a chronic condition and increase the sustainability of the health system by supporting self-management. The EFFICHRONIC-project aims to provide evidence on the positive return of investment and cost-efficiency of the application of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme in five European countries.

  • Social inequalities in children’s lifestyle, health and well-being: the Generation R Study
  • Support QUality-care for Elderly using Ambient Living Environment Data (SQUEALED)
  • CIKEO: Integrating knowledge on the effectivity of interventions to promote parenting

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