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16 Nov
PhD defence
Date & Time Tuesday, November 16, 2021 10.30 Thesis title Mortality, health problems and access to care for homeless people Special Note Queridozaal, Erasmus MC University Medical Center To calendar

PhD defence Marcel Slockers

With this study on mortality, health problems, accessibility to care, we show that homeless people belong to an extremely vulnerable group.
We observe a variety of serious diseases and disorders among homeless people in a shorter life. Homeless people do not die from homelessness but from preventable and/or treatable causes and health problems.
In terms of accessibility of care, a constant fight against deterioration was needed. New regulations in 2015 -homeless people have since lost their health care insurance if they no longer have an address- has complicated the accessibility of care.
We have presented recommendations for future research. A scheme for the uninsured can contribute to solving the problems around uninsured people, but the application of the scheme in practice must be improved. Furthermore, social medical care for homeless people must be intensified in all municipalities in the Netherlands.
Policies to prevent homelessness remain needed and should be intensified. This study describes the value of a national action plan to combat homelessness.
Taking good care of homeless people is beneficial for homeless people themselves and for the general population. This thesis argues for inclusion of homeless people in our society.