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06 Jul
PhD defence
Date & Time Tuesday, July 6, 2021 13:00 Thesis title What works for fall prevention and cardiovascular disease screening Special Note Online - Livestream link will be shared a few days before the defence. To calendar

PhD defence lotte Barmentloo

Lifestyle determinants, together with the aging population leads to a high prevalence of CVD and fall incidents. Prevention programs exist, but implementation of prevention programs remains difficult. The main focus of this thesis is to study conditions for successful implementation of prevention programs. Programs on cardiovascular disease prevention in the hospital and programs for fall prevention in the hospital and community setting were selected as illustrative examples.  This thesis showed that the use of familiar healthcare settings or familiar healthcare providers is crucial for the success of recruiting individuals for prevention. To keep both involved, programs with room for adjustments to needs and preferences of participants and participant health status has proved important. Furthermore, this thesis described that simple and short programs can be a first step towards behavioral change. However for adherence to advice and actual behavioral change, more intensive interventions and collaboration among healthcare providers is necessary.