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19 Apr
PhD defence
Date & Time Wednesday, April 19, 2023 15;30 Thesis title Developing mHealth interventions: using dual process theories to reduce cardiovascular disease risk Special Note Erasmus MC, Professor Andries Queridozaal To calendar

PhD defence Lili Kókai

Health behavior interventions mostly fail to find meaningful long-term effects. A key factor in the failure of many interventions is likely an inadequate targeting of the theory-based processes that determine behavior. This study set out to address this limitation.
The objective of this thesis was threefold. Firstly, it aimed to design an innovative theory- and evidence-based mHealth intervention to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease. Second, it set out to implement it in a manner that resonates with its intended audience. Third, it aimed to evaluate the short-term effects of the resulting intervention. Taken together, the studies presented in the current thesis provide insight into both the theory and practice of delivering cardiovascular mHealth promotion programs.