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29 Sep
PhD defence
Date & Time Tuesday, September 29, 2020 13:30 Thesis title Outcome Prediction for Improvement of Trauma Care Special Note Professor Andries Queridozaal, Education Center, Erasmus MC (limited seats, invitation only). You can also watch the defense online. Kindly send an email to l.demunter@etz.nl to receive the web link. To calendar

PhD defence Leonie de Munter

Trauma, defined as a physical injury, is a global public health problem and is a leading cause of death among young adults. In countries with advanced health care mortality rates after trauma decreased the past decades. The focus on trauma outcome has been, next to fatal outcome, complemented with non-fatal consequences, such as physical, psychological and social functioning after trauma. The main aim of this thesis was to evaluate, develop and validate fatal and non-fatal outcome prediction models in the trauma population. A new survival prediction model was developed and validated, which enables the inclusion of elderly patients with an isolated hip fracture in the evaluation of quality of trauma care. This project developed a model to predict health status after trauma for the evaluation of quality of trauma care. Baseline conditions (before injury) are essential to consider in predicting non-fatal outcome.