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18 Mar
PhD defence
Date & Time Thursday, March 18, 2021 15:30 Thesis title Assessment and Improvement of Intensive Care for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury To calendar

PhD Defence Jilske Huijben

This research is part of the CENTER-TBI study.  Data were being collected for 2000 patients at the intensive care unit (ICU) in 21 European countries.  The focus of my study was on patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) at the ICU with the following aims: 

–  To describe variation in care between European ICU’s . 
–  To develop performance indicators to evaluate TBI care. 
–  To identify effective clinical care for TBI using comparative effectiveness research (CER). 

In our research we found: 

– Substantial variation in treatment of patients with TBI at the ICU between European centers. 
– We developed quality indicators to assess current quality of care and we validated these with patient data of the CENTER-TBI study. 
– We identified centers that use high intensity treatments, while low intensity treatments might be more effective. Also, we found that the use of deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis might contribute to improved 6-month outcome.  

Livestream: https://media.eur.nl/Mediasite/Play/74f21a7b7c0c493583971b208a24676f1d