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24 Apr
PhD defence
Date & Time Wednesday, April 24, 2024 13:00 Thesis title Web-based Support of Advance Care Planning Special Note Erasmus MC , Prof. Andries Querido room To calendar

PhD Defence Doris van der Smissen

In her PhD thesis, Doris van der Smissen describes the development, evaluation and implementation of the web-based advance care planning program ‘Verken uw wensen voor zorg en behandeling’ (English translation: ‘Explore your preferences for treatment and care’). The program was developed and implemented together with patients, relatives and patient organizations.

Advance care planning (ACP) supports the conversation about future treatment and care so that care can be provided in line with people’s preferences. Web-based programs can support people in the first steps of ACP, such as preparing discussions about treatment and care with their relatives and healthcare professionals.

The web-based ACP program supports people in thinking about, discussing and recording of treatment and care preferences. The program contains information, videos and questions. Users can print their answers to the questions. Interviews and the before-and-after evaluation study showed that people found the program user-friendly, understandable and useful. The program supported people with chronic disease in reflecting on preferences for treatment and care and helped them to feel more ready for ACP.

Link to the web-based ACP program: https://www.thuisarts.nl/keuzehulp/verken-uw-wensen-voor-zorg-en-behandeling

Link to PhD thesis: https://www.publicatie-online.nl/publicaties/doris-van-der-smissen, password: 169086

If you are interested to attend the PhD defense, please send an email to promotie.dorisvandersmissen@gmail.com