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04 Jul
PhD defence
Date & Time Tuesday, July 4, 2023 10:30 Thesis title Advance care planning in Asia and Indonesia: Cultural perspectives Special Note Erasmus MC, Prof. dr. Andries Queridozaal To calendar

PhD defence Diah Martina

Providing care that aligns with patients’ values, wishes, and preferences, also during periods of incapacity, is the foundation of patient-centered care. However, patients’ values, wishes, and preferences are not always known by healthcare professionals and their family members. Asian cultural characteristics of collectiveness where one’s health and illness are a collective matter and care for an individual is viewed mainly as a family responsibility and social harmony is often valued over individual autonomy may influence advance care planning. Particularly, in Indonesia, where faith drives many aspects of life, including healthcare decision-making in the end of life, culturally sensitive advance care planning could facilitate individual’s engagement in it. This thesis describes how to approach advance are planning with consideration of cultural aspects in Asia and Indonesia. https://epubs.ogc.nl/?epub=d.martina&k=ab577757-ecc4-43d2-8cf2-5422643d0eae