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01 Jun
PhD defence
Date & Time Thursday, June 1, 2023 13:00 Thesis title Sustainable Employability among Vulnerable Groups: the role of health promotion and working conditions Special Note Senaatszaal on Campus Woudestein of the Erasmus University Rotterdam To calendar

PhD defence David van de Ven

Countries worldwide are faced with the major challenge to promote sustainable employability among vulnerable groups, such as persons with poor health, with lower socioeconomic positions, and those with unfavourable working conditions.

To promote sustainable employability among vulnerable groups, information is needed on the extent to which these groups are more likely to exit the labour market or to get precarious employment, the degree to which changes in employment status affect health, and whether workers’ health could be improved through the workplace.

This dissertation demonstrated that both selection and causation mechanisms explained inequalities in health and employment, and that improvements in working conditions as well as health promotion through the workplace could provide benefits to worker’s health in general and workers in lower socioeconomic positions in particular.

The research is valuable for both policy makers and practitioners because directions are provided on how to improve sustainable employability among vulnerable groups.